Semi-Autonomous Audio Production


Produce audio content ranging from complex DCO audio commercials to longform podcast series to hundreds of hours of e-learning, with human-machine cooperation.

This combination of human creativity and optimised algorithms has two main goals: scaling production processes through automation and increasing production quality through augmentation.

We ensure a seamless transition from human to machine tasks to enable a fruitful collaboration.


Scaling production processes through automation

We let machines do what they do best: take care of repetitive tasks. Imagine 73,253 audio files being renamed, filtered, levelled and converted to the preferred format with a single click.


Increasing production quality through augmentation

Output quality increases because algorithms analyse audio and highlight potential mistakes and errors. Imagine being able to analyse an hour of spoken text in 50 seconds, and find all the spelling errors. This enables humans to do what they do best: find creative solutions to unique problems.