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    2018-02-08 podcast with love and data

    My new podcast

    This is my new podcast “With love and data”,  a project we've been working on for the past 8 monts. I’m meeting the smartest marketeers, creatives and AI specialists. Together, we discuss how to marry the amazing world of data science and AI with crazy, inspiring ideas.


    Why we started this podcast

    When we started building our own AI tools in late 2016 18 (we can predict consumer reactions to music and voices in order to produce more meaningful and personal audio experiences in the fields of advertising and communication), we thought the world was just waiting for our cool ideas full of automation and technology. The first meetings went really well. CEOs, CCOs and ECDs loved our approach and we started working on pilot projects.

    Then something strange happened – well, we thought it was strange at the time. Firstly, people did not come up and say, “Great, let’s use that”. Instead, they said things like, “I don’t want a computer to steal my job”, or “Alex, I’ve spent 20 years in this job and you wanna tell me your machine can do it better than me?”. (My answer should have been yes, but then they would have fired us).

    Nowadays, many friends in tech think of these people as backward-looking naysayers. But this is stupid. We want to build technology to help humans, not to harm them. And if we do not build our stuff for people, our stuff is useless. So we decided to go back to the lab and start over, this time first and foremost with humans in mind. Augmentation, not replacement.

    A world divided into silos

    Filled with ideas of how cool it would be to use our emotional predictions with precise targeting, I started visiting programmatic advertising events. And boy, was I shocked. They have all this amazing technology and data science running just to show you some ugly banners designed by an intern.

    At the same time, a lot of creative directors have never thought about using data to make an idea more meaningful. They have not even considered it. (They were probably too annoyed by the ugly banners).

    Then we realised what now seems obvious: we need to fckn talk! And we decided to start meeting the smartest marketing geniuses, advertising creatives, AI specialists and strategists to start an open discussion about where to go. I really hope that this contributes to finding new and interesting ways to cross borders and find new, meaningful and creative ways to marry the amazing world of data and science with the crazy, inspired ideas being developed by the many creatives whose work I’ve admired since starting to work in advertising many years ago.

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