With love and data.

PODCAST #001 - Javier Sanchez Lamelas

"Marketing is anything but advertising"

How losing 90M$ led to one of the most iconic brand launches of the last 15 years: Coke Zero

Human / machine co-creation for everything audio

We create meaningful and personalized audio experiences with love and data

Predictive Voice Casting

Finding the perfect voice

Everybody intuitively knows when a voice perfectly matches the message of a story or commercial. And yet finding the perfect voice is surprisingly difficult..

We build intelligent algorithms that translate a briefing into a choice of emotionally driving voices.

Predictive Voice Casting

Predictive Music Sourcing

Predict consumer reactions for a piece of music and reach their hearts

What if you could search for music by defining the emotions and associations your audience should feel?

Our AI gives you objective music recommendations based on desired emotions, associations and brand values.

Predictive Music Sourcing

Closed Loop Audio Research

Synchronize your gut feeling with real consumer sentiments

Understand the emotions consumers feel while listening to a voice, piece of music or anything audio. 

Our audio research is so easy and accessible that anybody can use it anywhere.

Closed Loop Audio Research

Semi-Autonomous Audio Production

Scale through automation, quality through augmentation

Produce audio content ranging from complex DCO audio commercials to longform podcast series to hundreds of hours of e-learning, with human-machine cooperation.

Semi Autonomous Audio Production

Dynamic Audio Interaction

Tailor your global message to an audience of one

Human/machine co-creation combines human emotional intelligence with algorithmic empathy. We believe in emotionally driven use cases of technology.

The result are meaningful audio experiences and relevant audio interactions.

Dynamic Audio Interaction

Everything audio with love and data

We are a team of over 30 passionate audiogeeks, musicians, developers, storytellers, project managers and sales-specialists from all over the world.

With a zest for brands, we work on nearly every aspect of audiovisual communication.

We combine our love and passion for music, voices and audio with the unlimited power that big data, artificial intelligence and exponential technologies can deliver.

To us algorithms are valued coworkers.