Uncover the things we don't know we don't know

Hi, I'm Alex Jacobi, futurist, entrepreneur and business angel. *Not In The Next 5 Years takes care of my current and future endeavors.

My core values are love, curiosity and enthusiasm. I'm deeply fascinated by the intersection of creative and rational thinking — that one point connecting art and science.

I'm combining human intentional creativity with technology to uncover the things we don't know we don't know. I like to call that the "Creative Cyborg". I believe that it's deeply human to extend our abilities with tools.

My current endeavors

The AI consulting and software company, With Love and Data, empowers humans to be more successful in the AI world with copilots, design sprints and workshops. We are their trusted tour guide on their journey into the world of AI.

The data analytics company, Podwatch, connects podcasters, listeners and advertisers through data. We operate the official podcast measurement for German AGMA and offer tools and knowledge that make podcasters successful.

My previous endeavors

I started in the mid-‘90s as a music producer and sound engineer, working on about 250 records. 245 of them are not well-known. Later, I founded one of Europe's largest voice production companies and an award-winning advertising agency focused on audio content. I fucked up a bunch of things too…


I enjoy educating, empowering, and inspiring audiences at conferences where I'm frequently rocking the stages. My main topics are AI, creativity, and bold looks into the future. Past appearances include ADC Conference, NEXT Conference, OMR and DMEXCO.


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