We are a small group of over 30 passionate audiogeeks, musicians, developers, project managers and sales-specialists from Germany. With a zest for brands, we work on nearly every aspect of audiovisual communication.

We combine our love and passion for music, voices and audiovisual communication with the unlimited power that big data, artificial intelligence and exponential technologies can deliver.

Actually we think of algorithms as valued coworkers

Our clients range from international brands like Nivea, Coca Cola, Porsche, Vodafone and KIA up to world changing crazy one man filmproduction companies disrupting the world with a great idea.

About 5 years ago we decided to build a human powered algorithmic online Voice Casting service, that caters to the needs of producers and content creators. Today we are the market leader for Voice Casting in Germany with sprechersprecher.de. 

Our latest project is a new approach to musicsourcing.

We are building an algorithm which predicts the emotions consumers feel when they listen to a piece of music. And we will predict how that influences their buying decision.

This enables objective decisions for or against a certain track and eliminates wrong choices based on personal taste. It is not supposed to replace human creativity, it's supposed to support it.

Augmented creation with love and data.